December 2022

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Rotary Club of Tunkhannock  - 5408
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Tunkhannock Rotary Flash Meetings
On the first and third Thursdays of every month, the Tunkhannock Rotary has a flash club meeting at 5:30 PM via Zoom. This is a 15-30 minute meeting for those members or prospective members who cannot make our regular 12:15 PM meeting. 
Club News
After the Dec 1 Rotary Luncheon, Rotarians gathered outside the Dietrich Theater to erect and decorate a memorial tree in honor of long-time Rotarian Norm Werkheiser (March 20, 1926 - Jan. 11, 2022).  Norm was very active in Rotary for almost 46 years and in addition to applying his carpentry skills to make the Rotary "Take one, leave one" book libraries throughout Tunkhannock and a beautiful Rotary clock for the club meeting area, Norm and his family supported Rotary events such as the July 3rd fireworks and the Harvest & Wine Festival. 
At the July 3r Fireworks, they made and sold snow cones with proceeds donated to the club.
Norm and his family also provided key support for our annual Harvest & Wine Festival where Norm was in charge of ordering and delivering the Festival wine glasses, providing signage for the Festival grounds, storing the supplies between Festivals, and cleaning up and recycling bottles and boxes after the event.
Thank you to everyone who donated to our collection buckets manned by Tunkhannock Rotarians, Interactors, and families and friends at several locations in town on Black Friday, Nov. 25.  Money collected from this event will be given to Interfaith Friends & Wyoming County Children and Youth to provide Christmas gifts to children in need in Wyoming County.
On Wed Nov. 9, there was a Club social at the meeting room at Tri-County General Insurance offices.  Members and their families gathered for some socializing and networking and a good time was had by all.  An album with photos taken by Jeannie Brady can be found on our website with a few photos below.
The weekend of Nov 4 was the District 7410 Conference at Shadowbrook.  Many club members attended various sessions/events at the Conference since it took place in our area. A photo album of pictures taken by Jeannie Brady is now available for viewing on our website. Below are two group photos from the Conference Dinner.
At the Oct 13 Rotary luncheon at Shadowbrook, the Club heard from Rotarian Jodi Crimmel about her recent sojourn in Haiti. 
Jodi showed pictures of the 21 acres of farmland that were purchased and being tested to see what type of crops can most effectively grow there.  Crops from parcels of land on the farm will be cultivated by individuals to provide crops for them to use or sell. 
They will also be raising geese and ducks.  Native materials such as bamboo are being used for construction projects.
Jodi also showed pictures of the John Deere tractor that is being shipped to Haiti for use on the Farm. Tunkhannock Rotary is one of the organizations that contributed to the purchase of the tractor.
At the Oct 13 lunch meeting at Shadowbrook, Club Membership Chair Mary Tempest inducted A. Stacy Huber (left), mayor of Tunkhannock, into Rotary. He was sponsored by Harry Sharpe (right). 
Stacy is a former Rotarian and indicated he was very happy to be back in Rotary.
Recently, 2 members of Tunkhannock Rotary, District 7410 Governor-Elect (DGE) Samantha Maruzzelli and District and Club Membership Chair Mary Tempest, attended Rotary’s Zones 28 & 32 Learning to Lead Symposium in Toronto.
Not only did DGE Samantha get a chance to interact with Rotary International’s President Elect Gordon R. McInally, but she and Mary attended one of the sessions that discussed both university and community based Rotaract Clubs. 

Rotary International’s President Elect Gordon R. McInally with District 7410 Governor Elect Samantha Maruzzelli
In Sept., 2 new members were inducted into the Tunkhannock Rotary, Donna Wald and Michael J Markovitz.

l to r: Donna Wald, Membership chair Mary Tempest, Michael J. Markovitz and President Mike Markovitz.
Tunkhannock welcomed its newest exchange student Mark Holovacs from Budapest, Hungary.  He enjoys watching football here.  So far, school is good.
At a recent Rotary meeting, he gave an introduction to Hungary, including some highlights of their culture and traditions. He also discussed some of the traditional foods.  Mark mentioned that he can cook goulash and loves Hungarian food, but is enjoying American food right now.

Mark Holovacs from Budapest, Hungary
Past President Mary Tempest (left) received, on the Club’s behalf, a Rotary Citation for 2021-2022 from Past District Governor Mary Ellen Bentler.  The Club was recognized for achieving their goals set in Rotary Club Central.
On Aug 25, 1925, the Rotary Club of Tunkhannock was founded. The club was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Pittson.
Happy 97th Birthday to Tunkhannock Rotary.
On Thursday, Aug 18 Tunkhannock Rotary’s guest speaker was Lars Persson, 1971-1972 Rotary exchange student from Boden, Sweden. He had returned for the Tunkhannock Area High School 50th reunion for the class of 1972.  Several of his former classmates also attended the Rotary luncheon and shared memories of Lars’ time in Tunkhannock.
Lars now lives outside of Stockholm in Åkersberga, Sweden. He is retired from a director position at the Stockholm School of Economics.
He talked about Eastern European Economic Opportunities. He shared with the club some of the activities of the School of Economics and some of the economic impact of the conflict between Russia and the Ukraine.

Lars Persson
Past President Mary Tempest reported that 2019-2020 exchange student Jana Vickeva from the Czech Republic came to Tunkhannock for a visit.  Jana is doing well and was happy to see several of our Rotarians.

Past President Mary Tempest with Jana Vickeva
Wyoming County District Attorney Joseph Peters was the guest speaker at the July 21 Rotary Luncheon at Shadowbrook. DA Joe grew up in Scranton where his father was a 2-term Mayor.  He became a cop, a lawyer, the Deputy Drug Czar in both the Clinton and Bush administrations and was PA's top drug Prosecutor. From his various experiences, he has learned that the best results for a problem are from grass root community responses.
He spoke about a variety of programs that his department is pursuing in the areas of drug abuse, human trafficking, gangs, teen suicide and mental health.  With regard to youth drug addicts, he wants to keep them out of jail and get them the help they need.

D.A. Joseph Peters
At the July 14 Rotary Luncheon at Shadowbrook, Pres. Mike Markovitz (left) received his Paul Harris +6 pin from visiting District 7410 Governor Craig Davenport.  A new Paul Harris pin is awarded for each cumulative $1,000 donation to the Rotary Foundation.
The guest speaker at the Club’s July 14 luncheon at Shadowbrook was 2022-2023 District 7410 Governor (DG) Craig Davenport from the Wellsboro Rotary. He spoke about his plans for the District during the next year and reminded members about a variety of programs and projects open to all Rotarians and their families and some new initiatives and training programs that will be implemented during the next year.

DG Craig Davenport presented Pres. Mike Markovitz (left) with the official 2022-2023 Rotary Theme Banner “Imagine Rotary” for the Club to display at its weekly meetings. 
Rotary District 7410 Governor (DG) Mary Ellen Bentler swore in Mike Markovitz as the 2022-2023 President of Tunkhannock Rotary at the Jun 30 Dinner. President Mike was pinned by Mary Tempest, after which she presented him with his engraved gavel.
DG Mary Ellen then inducted all the other Club Officers and Directors including Immediate Past President Mary Tempest, President Elect (Pres for 2023-2024) Elaine Walker, Vice President Samantha Maruzzelli, Treasurer Laura Charles, Co-Secretary Sandy Lane and Ann Way plus 7 Directors: Terri Detrick, Ron Furman, Francine Kanyok, Norm Kelly, Tom Kukuchka, Matt Pompey (absent) and John Proctor.
The membership was also reminded that Samantha Maruzzelli has been inducted as 2022-2023 District 7410 Governor Elect (DG for 2023-2024) and that Mary Tempest will take over Samantha’s role as District 7410 Membership Chair.

2022-2023 Officers and Directors with DG Mary Ellen Bentler
On Thursday June 30, Tunkhannock Rotary held it’s Officer Installation and Awards Dinner at Shadowbrook Inn and Resort with music provided by the Jim Welch Trio.  President Mary Tempest began the after-dinner program with the announcement of a variety of awards to Rotarians, who have made outstanding contributions to the Club and the Community.
Among the awards presented was a Thank You Award to Marta Kovacs-Ruiz for co mentoring (with David Wilson through 2021) the TAHS Interact Club students for 19 yrs. 
The Distinguished Service Award was presented to Ron Furman for his 9 yrs. of outstanding service as Chair of the Rotary Harvest and Wine Festival.
An Executive Award went to Elaine Walker for her dedication and commitment as Club Treasurer for several yrs. and her acceptance of the role of President-Elect for 2022-2023.
Service above Self Awards went to Sandy Lane and Ann Way for their support and dedication in the Co- Secretary roles over the last year.
Club Designated Paul Harris Fellows were awarded to Jill and Jeff Tague for their continued commitment to Tunkhannock Rotary.
President’s Awards went to Immediate Past-President Terri Detrick and President-Elect Mike Markovitz for their weekly dedication, dependability and technical support to the Club.
The Rotarian of the Year Award was presented to Laura Charles, who volunteered to be Chair of the Club’s COVID-19 Immunization Support Campaign 2021, Co-Mentor of the TAHS Interact Club for 2022, Chair of the Club’s Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Committee 2022 and incoming Treasurer for 2022-2023.

Pres. Mary Tempest (left) with Rotarian of the Year Laura Charles
Community Based Rotaract Club
Recently, 2 members of Tunkhannock Rotary, District 7410 Governor-Elect (DGE) Samantha Maruzzelli and District and Club Membership Chair Mary Tempest, attended Rotary’s Zones 28 & 32 Learning to Lead Symposium in Toronto.
They attended one of the sessions that discussed both university and community based Rotaract Clubs. 
As a result of this session and with the approval of the Board of Directors of the Club, Tunkhannock Rotary is seeking young adults ages 18 and older who are interested in becoming part of a community based Rotaract Club in Wyoming County.
The first informational kick off meeting regarding this new community based Rotaract club will be held on Monday, Oct 17 at 6 PM at the Tri County Gathering Room, 5513 SR6, Tunkhannock, PA 18657. If you are interested in being a part of this new exciting endeavor for Wyoming County, please text 717-201-4045 to R.S.V.P.
2022-2023 President Mike Markovitz
On Jun 30, Michael Markovitz was installed by District Governor Mary Ellen Bentler as President of the Tunkhannock Rotary for 2022-2023.  The Officer Installation Dinner took place at Shadowbrook. Pres. Mike provided an overview of his goals for his Presidency.
This is Mike’s second time as President and as he said: “One of the coolest things I get to do this year is lead our club under the international direction of the very first woman Rotary International President – Jennifer E. Jones.  Jennifer selected the Theme for this 2022-2023 year to be ‘Imagine Rotary’. From her speech and in her words, ‘She imagines a Rotary where members act to make their dreams become a reality and they make the most of their club experiences’.  She urges members to ENGAGE more with each other and use these connections to build partnerships that engage the world”.
He issued a challenge to find out “what our Club Members dreams and inspirations are and help them achieve them to make this a worthwhile experience for all.  I would like to continue that momentum forward, encouraging every member of our club to come up with ideas for True Service Projects that everyone in the club, including their families can participate in, getting all our hands dirty for great causes forward.  I challenge my board of directors to seek out these ideas in the club and help take on at least 3 great larger service projects (in addition to all of our normal ones, of course) and move them forward to completion.” 
Rotary International President Jennifer Jones (who is also our first female president) has announced the 2022-23 theme Imagine Rotary. “Imagine, a world that deserves our best, where we get up each day knowing that we can make a difference.”

The theme is a special one: the theme graphic was designed by an Australian Indigenous artist to link with the Melbourne Convention in 2023.

Some of the symbolism includes:
Circle connections to one another
Dots around it - our people
There are 7 Dots for Rotary's 7 areas of focus
Circle + dots around it - a navigation star, our guiding light
Green solid line - digging stick (used when doing hard work); for us it's People of Action, represents the tools for getting things done
The colours purple, green & white - celebrate diversity, equity and inclusion
Freedom to express ourselves differently but still with a special connection
Purple is also the colour of Rotary's Polio campaign
Green represents the Environment
White stands for peace; it also represents Empowerment and Newness and also the colours were utilised for the women's movement, highlighting the opportunity to grow our female membership.

Help Eradicate Polio Around the World with Rotary!

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