Tunkhannock Rotary was honored to have 2 visits from the My Brother's Keeper Quilt Group with local spokesperson Ida Ferguson providing information and answering questions related to the activities of the group on Aug 24 and Sep 7.  Ida related that they are not a club, but individuals and groups desiring to help the homeless by making simple sleeping bags from recycled fabrics.  The sleeping bags are then distributed FREE to people who are cold on the street, including those in Scranton, Binghamton and Syracuse.  In Scranton, they are distributed through the Community Intervention Center. 
She explained how the sleeping bags are made and that they are always in need of donated materials, monetary donations for desperately needed deliveries and for individuals and groups to help make the sleeping bags.  Among the materials needed are: men's neckties, clean blankets, sewing needles, thread, sample size toiletries, socks, men's underwear, hats, gloves and scarves.
At the first meeting, Ida and her quilters showed some of the sleeping bags they had in progress and a few Rotarians stayed after the meeting to help work on them.  At the Sept meeting, Rotarians brought materials needed by the group especially men's ties that they use to tie up the sleeping bags once complete.
If anyone would like more info or to make a donation, please feel free to contact Ida Ferguson at 607-742-2179.
Top:  Ida Ferguson   Bottom: Rotarian Laura Charles (center) helping the quilters with this sleeping bag.