May 2016

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Drug Take Back Event
The Wyoming County DA’s office is hosting a Drug Take Back event on Saturday April 30 between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm at the CVS in Tunkhannock and Lech’s Pharmacies in Tunkhannock, Nicholson and Laceyville. See flyer below for locations in other Counties in NEPA. Please note that there is no longer a Take Back Location in Wayne County for this collection.

Tunkhannock Rotarians are asking – no begging you to clean out your medicine cabinet of unused and/or expired drugs and turn them in on April 30! Please never flush them down the drain – you’ll pollute the water.

Prescription drugs are abused, poison our community and overdoses kill people. Most abusers get prescriptions drugs from home – please don’t let it be yours.

Rotary Relays 2016
The Rotary Relays are Returning in 2016
Download the Save the Date Flyer and Sponsor Letter under Download Files in the first column on this website.

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Club News
With the increasing publicity about the drug death epidemic in PA, the Club was visited on March 24 by Susquehanna District Attorney Robert Klein, who discussed the issues and praised Matt Pompey and the Tunkhannock Rotary Club for getting other Rotary Clubs and County DA’s, including himself, onboard for the next Drug Take Back.
DA Klein then introduced Detective Justin Sprout, who is the trainer and handler for K-9 Police dog, Echo, a beautiful German shepherd. Detective Sprout shared with the assembly that Echo understands 3 languages: English for everyday general commands, French for “happy” language and German, which is his working language for search and tracking. He then demonstrated how dogs, such as Echo, are used to apprehend suspects, search out drug stashes and provide scent tracking to find missing or escaped individuals. Detective Sprout and Echo frequently visit schools to search cars, lockers and student backpacks for drugs.

L to R: Matt Pompey, Detective Justin Sprout, Pres Ron Furman, Echo and DA Robert Klein

Although Echo seems to be fixated on Matt Pompey (seated), it is actually Detective Sprout’s black jacket on the chair next to Matt, and which contains crystal meth, that is attracting his attention.
Tunkhannock Rotarian Matt Pompey, chair of the Drug Take Back Outreach Committee, gave a presentation at the March 17 Rotary Luncheon on the drug death overdose epidemic in the US and in PA. Matt shared alarming statistics and the facts that most drug abusers started with prescription drugs obtained from parent’s, grandparent’s or friend’s medicine cabinets.
He also presented information on how our Club is supporting the Wyo Cty DA’s Drug Take Back Event, which is coming up on April 30 from 10 AM to 2 PM at CVS in Tunkhannock and Lech’s Pharmacies in Tunkhannock, Laceyville and Nicholson.
Stephanie Jallen, World Cup and Paralympic Champion spoke at the March 10 Rotary Club Luncheon at Purkey’s Pink Apple. Her talk was truly inspiring!
Stephanie was born with a rare birth defect, CHILD Syndrome leaving her with only one normal arm and leg, but she never considered herself nor was treated by her mother as disabled. She learned to ski at the age of 9 and never looked back.
She has won World Cup championships in various Super-G events and won bronze medals at the 2014 Socchi Olympics. With recent races in Slovenia, Italy, and Switzerland completed on the 2016 World Cup Tour, Stephanie left Europe with two bronze and four silver medals. She is hoping to compete in the 2018 Paralympics in South Korea.

L to R: Stephanie's host Matt Pompey, Stephanie Jellan & Pres. Ron Furman
At the March 3 Rotary Luncheon, Ted Kross, Director of the Tyler Memorial Hospital Emergency Room informed members about the differences in heart attack chest pain between men and women. He also emphasized what one should do if they think they are having a heart attack and that did not include driving oneself to the ER.
At the Mar 3 Rotary Luncheon, President Ron Furman inducted Tyler Memorial Hospital CEO Ann Marie Stevens into the Rotary Club of Tunkhannock. Ann Marie’s sponsor was Patricia Casals.

L to R: Patricia Casals, Ann Marie Stevens and Pres. Ron Furman
Lisa Criscera returned for the Feb 25 Rotary Luncheon to provide Social Media Update to the Club. She talked about the current hot venues online and some useful strategies to publicize Club events.
At the Feb 25 Tunkhannock Rotary Luncheon at Purkey’s Pink Apple, Rick Miller was inducted into Rotary by Assistant Governor Norm Kelly. Rick’s sponsor was Harry Sharpe.

L to R: Rick Miller, Harry Sharpe and AG Norm Kelly
At the Feb 11 Rotary Luncheon, guest speaker Mary Cairns talked about a girl’s day school in rural India where she has spent many months helping and raised money to build a health center since there was no medical care in the area. Mary spoke about the various needs in this rural area and the hope and training that the school is providing to the 1400 girls.
Rotarian Lou Divis Provided an update to the Club at our Feb 4 meeting on the 2015 Peace Camp and her plans and financial support request to Rotary for the 2016 Camp. Approximately 30 children have participated in the Peace Camp since its start in Wyoming Cty in 2014 (with first year support from the Tunkhannock Rotary Club).
At the Feb 4 Rotary Meeting, Janet McKay, Executive Director of Victims Resource Center accepted a check for $1,000 from Pres. Ron Furman to support the activities of the VRC in Wyoming County.
Welcome from President Ron Furman
The Tunkhannock Rotary Club is a great organization that I strongly believe in.  We believe in helping people in the community and throughout the world. We have projects such as: purchasing and reading books to children at the library, dictionary distribution to 3rd graders, Foreign Exchange Students, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards and the Drug Take Back Outreach Program.
Around the world, we assist in ending polio, provide disaster relief shelters and help with providing clean water and building schools, etc.
It is very important to have programs for the children so we can set a good example for them. This all adds up to making our community a better place to live in the future.
The Rotary Theme for 2015/2016 is “Be a Gift to the World”. We all have many talents and gifts to contribute to make the world a better place. Please think about joining us to “Be a Gift to the World”.
Best Wishes
Ronald W. Furman
President 2015/2016
Rotary International President-elect K.R. “Ravi” Ravindran asked Rotary members to use their talents, expertise, and leadership to transform the lives of others when he announced his theme for the 2015-16 year, Be a Gift to the World, during the International Assembly in San Diego, California, USA.
Click here to hear his presentation.

Have you ever wondered why you should join a service organization like Rotary? Ever wonder what Rotary does? Watch this video and find out!


Help Eradicate Polio Around the World with Rotary!

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