On Friday, Sept 20, the membership committee convened the first Fireside Chat/Orientation for new, senior and prospective Rotarians and guests at Shadowbrook Inn & Resort from 6-8 PM.  The event was organized by Membership co-chair Mary Tempest with locale arrangements by Fellowship Committee co-chair Francine Kanyok.  The evening began with a social period with light snacks and drinks.
Several topic tables were set up with Rotarians knowledgeable on that topic in charge. Participants had to move between tables to ensure they were exposed to information on the various topics of discussion including, ClubRunner/Rotary Foundation, Youth Services, Committees, Global Projects and Rotary Facts.  The Rotary Facts table was a lot of fun and included a Rotary quiz, although one senior Rotarian, who shall remain nameless, changed the questions such that no one could even guess the correct answers. Door prizes were awarded at the end of the meeting.

Membership Committee Co-chairs Mary Tempest & Ron Furman

Orientation Activities