Jeff Swire from Patriot’s Cove was the guest speaker at the Aug 5 Rotary Luncheon at Shadowbrook Inn & Resort.  “Patriots Cove is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization in northeastern Pennsylvania and founded by a military veteran and his spouse to empower other veterans, first responders, and their caregivers to heal and adapt to life after service. Through events on our eighteen acre refuge, we provide restorative outdoor activities, environmental service projects, and educational events and retreats for caregivers.” (Taken from their website).
Jeff spoke about the most recent developments at the Noxen site.  During the pandemic, they tried to provide in person services to those who need it while still protecting them during the pandemic.  They only shut down for 2 months and put various measures in place and geared most activities to be outside in an open-air environment and no one got sick. They also continued their environmental projects.
They built a caregivers house and activities center over the last winter for the spouses & caregivers of their guests.  They are now planning to build a bunkhouse for the volunteers coming from out of state to help.

Jeff Swire receiving a speaker's thank you gift from Past Pres. Terri Detrick