At the May 31 meeting of Tunkhannock Rotary, Dr. Michael Coye was guest speaker. Dr. Coyer is a graduate of the University of Scranton and Rutgers Univ. He has been a forensic chemist for 27 years for Lackawanna County. 
Dr. Coyer began by praising Tunkhannock Rotary’s Drug Take Back Outreach Program for taking lots of drugs off the street (over 1 ton).
He remarked that many overdoses (OD) are due to prescription drugs, although cocaine is coming back since new regulations are impacting doctors giving chronic pain medications.  So, some people are self-medicating for depression and pain with street drugs.
Dr. Coyer urged everyone to get and understand the information on the drugs that you are taking. He also urged everyone to learn what is being done to combat the opioid crises in our area and the nation.

Dr. Michael Coyer