The guest speaker at the July 25 Rotary Luncheon at Purkey's Pink Apple was Doug Harbach, Director of Communications, Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, who gave a illuminating presentation on the workings of the Board. This Board regulates land-based casinos and a variety of other gambling enterprises, including online gambling in PA. They do not regulate horse racing, lottery games or small games of chance. 
Doug discussed the various new gambling endeavors that the Board has approved, as well as, the tax benefits to citizens from the tax revenues generated by gambling. Casino taxes provide property tax reductions to homeowners through the Homestead Act, which is currently saving Tunkhannock area residents $234 per qualified property. Some of the tax revenues from the other gambling endeavors will benefit the General Fund, horse racing and the problem gaming funds.
In addition to regulating gambling in PA, the Board also ensures that resources and tools are made available for individuals with gambling problems, including counseling and a self-exclusion program.

Doug Harbach