At our Jan 18 Club Assembly, Ann Way presented her top 10 Rotary Moments. They included highlights such as her first year as chair of the Rotary Relays, where she inherited all the materials but no information on what needed to be done for the Relays. Luckily, her fellow club members jumped in and did what needed to be done without being asked.
She also reminisced on the early discussions regarding the Harvest & Wine Festival and the first year where ticket sales were by phone, which was crazy.
Dictionary distribution to 3rd graders made her list since when she was an elementary school principal, the students continually asked when they would get their dictionaries each year.
Her experiences with the exchange students was also one of her highlights, but her no. 1 moment was "right now" looking around the room at all the members and thinking about the AMAZING things the club has done locally and internationally. 

Ann Way