From July 15-19, the Rotary sponsored Peace Camp was once again held at St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Tunkhannock. Rotarian Rev. Lou Divis coordinated the camp and several Rotarians were guest presenters to the 20 participant children (ages 6-12). Campers feel totally affirmed, and learn through practice how to end bullying, stick up for themselves and their friends, and control their own anger and angry responses. Peace Camp includes time for drumming together, practicing yoga, hearing from great speakers, and enjoying great food. The children also received t-shirts for the Tunkhannock Rotary Peace Camp.
Rotarian Cammie Anderson gave a talk on drug and alcohol avoidance/safety. Rotarian Ron Furman brought the children homemade maple syrup for their pancakes and told them how you tap the trees and make maple syrup.
Cammie (left) & Ron
Rotarian Mike Markovitz, Pres. of the Tunkhannock Community Ambulance Association and a Dive Team member, brought the Dive Team Truck and spoke to the kids about water safety and the dive team activities.  The kids also got a chance to hop aboard the jet ski that the dive team uses at work and to try to save a drowning swimmer, albeit on land. 

Mike with the Campers & Chaperones
Although not a guest speaker, Rotarian Samantha Maruzzelli helped coordinate the daily lunch menus and provided food for the campers, including their favorite, pizza in the park.  One member of the Tunkhannock High School Interact Club also helped out during the week and enjoyed it so much that she has decided to help out again next year.
Peace Camp is one of the activities that is funded by the proceeds from the annual Harvest & Wine Festival.