At its July 16 Luncheon, the Club was introduced to Virgilio Osuna Herrador from Spain and Sophie Raballand from France, the Club’s first short-term inbound exchange students.
Virgilio is from Cordoba Spain and did a short-term exchange in Colorado last year. He is 16 yr. old and likes to go to the beach with friends. He does a lot of sports, including skiing. He showed photos of his family with some of them wearing their national dress. He then provided information on Spain, its customs and its capital, Madrid.
Sophie is also 16 yr. old and from the small city of Niort in Western France. It is a major administrative and commercial center. She showed pictures of her family and of her city.
Sophie arrived in the US at the beginning of July. She had already taken the Lackawanna Coal mine tour, visited New York, where she rode the subway, and also toured Washington D.C.
She brought a Rotary Club banner from her sponsoring Rotary Club in Niort, which she presented to President Ron Furman.
L to R: Mitchell Fowler, Virgilio Osuna Herrador from Spain, Sophie Raballand from France and Anika Sehne.  Sophie exchanging Rotary banners with President Ron Furman.