The guest speaker at our Jan 7 Zoom meeting was Gene Dziak from Wyoming County Emergency Management Agency. Gene began by thanking our Rotary Club for our donation for purchase of PPE equipment for the Wyo Cty EMS Consortium since our current crisis is the COVID-19 pandemic.
COVID-19 Prospective:  It all started in Mar and went through summer.  From Mar to Oct 1, we had 78 cases total.  From Oct 1 to Nov 30, it jumped to 420 cases, 103 in long term care facilities with 21 deaths.  Now, from Nov 30 to Jan 7, we have 862 cases, so this is not  going away soon.  Recently we had 10 cases per day, but now 12-15 cases per day. We need to try to slow it down. 
Our Correctional Facility has had zero cases, which is great since other facilities are running with high numbers of cases.
Emergency responders are starting to get COVID vaccinations at Tyler, now that most of Tyler's staff were vaccinated. Still waiting to hear when they can start mass vaccinations, although his staff are putting plans in place for when that happens.  It is hard to get information about the vaccines and not enough are available.  They are currently still vaccinating in Phase 1a and not sure when they can move to 1b.

Gene Dziak