At the May 23 Rotary Luncheon, the club had the pleasure of hearing from Brazilian exchange student, who is 17 years old. At Tunkhannock Area High School, he is taking classes in graphics, 3D printing, computer and electronic devices. He has enjoyed carving pumpkins for Halloween, going to the circus, the Bloomsburg Fair, a Taco Festival in NJ, seeing live hockey and professional baseball games and building his first snowman (and skiing). He loves playing soccer and bocce ball.
He enjoyed the various trips with the exchange students to Philadelphia, New York City, Washington DC, Harrisburg and the Dickens Festival in Wellsboro.
Joao lives in the south of Brazil in the city of Agua Doce (Sweetwater), which is the 5th biggest city in his region and was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Herval D’Oeste in District 4740. He presented highlights of his country, his region and their food. 

Joao “John” Guilherme Tonet Oldoni