Pledge and Invocation:
President Sandra Lane brought the meeting to order at 12:15 PM at Purkey’s Pink Apple with Glen Holcombe leading the Pledge of Allegiance and Lou Divis giving the Invocation.
Paul DeMarco – returning Outbound Exchange Student to Brazil
Anne DeMarco – mother of exchange student
Ann and Joe DeMarco – grandparents of Paul DeMarco
Trixie Gay – guest of George Gay
Alejandra (Ali) Vizcainro - Inbound exchange student from Ecuador.
Kike – exchange student
Club News:
Ad Buck – Carol Ziomek – Wyoming County Community Health Foundation is having a Golf Tournament at Shadowbrook Inn and Resort on Thursday Oct 3, 2019 to help support health and wellness programs in our area. Shotgun start at 9 AM. They are looking for both teams and sponsors.  Please contact Carol Ziomek or Shealynn Shave at WCCHF if you are interested in sponsorships, playing or bringing a 4-person team. $80 per player and $320 per 4-person team. Registration deadline is Sept 26 and includes 18 holes of golf, hot dog on the turn, steak dinner and beverage.  Prizes will be awarded at 4 PM.
Thank you notes were received from Am Red Cross of Wyo Cty for $500 donation in memory of Richard Stark and from Equines for Freedom for our donation of $2,000.
Volunteers to Help Kiwanis at Wyo Cty Fair
Kiwanis has issued a Facebook request for volunteers to help them man their food booth at the Wyoming County Fair. So far only 1 Rotarian, Mike Markovitz has signed up.  Sandy will send around the sign up sheet at the Aug 22 meeting.  Last year we provided 4 Rotarians to keep man one shift of the food booth and in exchange 4 Kiwanians helped with car parking at the Harvest & Wine Festival, so please consider helping out this year.
Board of Director’s Meeting
The next Rotary Board of Director’s meeting will be Tuesday, Aug 20 at 7:30 AM at Towne & Country Grille.
Next Flash Meeting
The next Flash Meeting will be Thursday, Aug 15th, 2019 at 5:30 pm at Bogey’s Restaurant.
I am Rotary Photo Project – Sam Maruzzelli
Exchange Students/Coordinator - Anne Sehne
Pres. Sandy introduced our new Inbound exchange student from Ecuador, Alejandra (Ali) Carolina Vizcaino-Ruiz, who is being hosted by Mary Tempest.  She arrived late Wed night.  She will do a presentation for the Club on Sept. 5.
Committee Reports:
2019 Harvest and Wine Festival Committee: Ron Furman
The next Meeting will be Monday evening Sept 9 at 6 pm at the Tunkhannock Library, due to the Labor Day Holiday on the 2nd.
Ann Way has dropped off the tickets at the local sites, so we can now advertise that tickets are available for local purchase.
Posters and rack cards are now available. If you take them to sites, please let Ron know where you have taken them to avoid duplication of efforts.
Frank Oliver has suggested that members can help with getting sponsors for the Harvest and Wine Festival if we can divide up the potential sponsors listing. He wants to connect members with past sponsors they may know, so that they can make a personal approach to these sponsors. Also, all members are encouraged to seek new sponsors.  Frank went through the list and several Rotarians volunteered to contact them.  A sponsor flyer and letter will be provided to the volunteers so they can use them to solicit the sponsors.
Membership/Recruitment/Retention Committee – Ron Furman/Mary Tempest
Mary reminded everyone that Aug is recognition for membership in Rotary.  It is time to ask prospective members to join. 
Lou Divis is joining the membership committee so with Ron, Mary, Mike Markovitz, Sam Maruzzelli and Lou, the committee will have 5 members.
District News:
See the Aug District newsletter for information on the various events and activities happening in District 7410. Please support our fellow Rotarians at other clubs in our District for their fun upcoming activities/events.

Our next Meeting will be Thursday, Aug 22 and our guest speaker will be Fran Langan, Ed.D. Keystone College, who will speak about Keystone - a Valuable Community Asset.
Prior to adjournment, Norm Werkheiser led the recitation of the 4-Way Test by the attendees.
President Sandra Lane adjourned the meeting at 1:30 PM.

Guest Speaker: 
Paul DeMarco
Outbound Exchange to Brazil
Paul arrived in Brazil on Aug 5, 2018.  He spent the year in Recife Brazil, capital of the NE of Brazil and it is a coastal city. The Beach is #4 in world for shark attacks, so did not swim there.
In his host family, he had a host brother, sister, & new pet Pomeranian. Mother was eye doctor and father owned a mattress factory. The sister left for her exchange in Colorado 10 days after Paul arrived.
He did a lot with 2 other host families and exchange students who lived close-by.  The one family worked for a concert hall and they got free tickets to concerts/shows there. They even got to a Slash concert. 
Acai became his favorite food.
The State where Recife is located is famous for a massive Passion of Christ performance and he got to see that.
At school, the students stay in the same room, but the teachers move.  There were about 50 students per class and they went from 7:30 AM to 1 PM and were then done after that. His favorite part of school was the break where he got to go and pay soccer with his friends. He did play with the school basketball team, but sports were not a big thing there.  They only practiced 1 hr. per week. 
High school is 3 yr and senior year they go on Sat. & even Sun. They have 6 periods per day with tests on Sat and Sun for the Seniors.
There were 7 exchange students in Recife, which has population of 4 million.
He loved to go to soccer games including the Recife Soccer team home games. He even got to go to training with the team and had photos with some of the team stars.
He bought a surfboard in Brazil to go surfing, which he brought home and used in NJ last week.
He helped serve breakfast to the homeless through a church down there.  Also helped with a poor village that the church provides clothes and stuff for.
Rotary sponsored several service projects also and 3 Rotary trips that he got to partake in.
  1. They did a trip to Iguaza Falls near the border with Argentina, and Paraguay. Falls are much bigger than Niagara Falls.  They did a boat trip under the Falls.
  2. The students spent 10 days in the Amazonian rain forest on a boat on the river. They slept in hammocks and climbed tree.  They visited Manaus city in the middle of the Amazon, which is a big rubber trading city.  Also went to see the pink dolphins in the river. He had the opportunity to hold an anaconda around his neck and went piranha fishing.
  3. Did trip to Rio, where they went to the beach on Ipanema and also to Carnival.

Paul DeMarco giving his talk on his exchange year.

Pres. Sandy Lane receiving a Recife Club Banner from Paul DeMarco