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Secretary Message
Please bear with me on the bulletin.  This is my first attempt creating this document and it has been trial and error.  The bulletin will be a monthly document reviewing what has occurred at the meetings.  I am excited about being your secretary and  I have great shoes to fill as I start this new Rotary adventure.
I will entertain all suggestions to make this bulletin something you what to read.
Sandy Lane
Highlights for July 8, 2021
       This meeting was a Club Assembly, President Mary reviewed her goals for her 2021-2022 year as President.  She also provided a list of committees and chairpersons for the upcoming year.  The member birthdays acknowledged were Gina Suydam 7/10 and Pat Ehrenzeller 7/14.  Anniversaries acknowledged were Karen Fuller 17 yrs, Harry Sharpe 24 yrs. and Cammie Anderson 5 yrs,.  There is a district event at PNC Field, Strike Out Polio with Rotary on August 15th at 41:05pm.  President Mary purchased some tickets at $13 each and anyone interested in attending can contact her for tickets.
Highlights for July 15, 2021 Meeting
On July 15th two new members were inducted into our club.  On the phoito from left to right is:  Leslie Bullock new member, Mary Tempest stood in for Samantha Maurzzelli Leslie's sponsor, and Kenda Peck new member and sponsored by Dave Wilson.  Ron Furman presided over the induction the new members.
The speaker for the July 15th meeting was President Tracy Brundage, PhD, Keystone College.  Her talk was "Building the Future Today."  The college is preparing students with a revolutionary competitive advantage in the work place.  There is a 13:1 student faculty ratio currently at the college.  Currently there are 40 degree options available within Keystone College and a 94% placement rate.  
There was as club anniversary announced for Ruth Gorski at 22 years.  Congratulations.
Francis Turner
 The meeting on July 22, 2021 was filled with emotion when Fran Turner arrived to the meeting.  He has been a Rotarian for 71 years and is currently 102 years old.  Several stories were told about Fran and this was the largest attended meeting since Covid.  It was really delightful to see eveyone in person.  Fan then spoke to the club about his life in Western PA.
July 22, 2021 Speaker
  Our speaker and program was Deborah Shurleff.  She is on the Board of Directors for the Wyoming County Alliance.  The alliance has set up a program called Heart and Soul Kaleidoscope of Communities.  This committee has three goals  (1) To involve all residents and collect data to hear the unheard voices. (2) This is a long term game.  (3) Focus on what matters using stories told by residents.  This committee is just getting started collecting data.
Highlights of July 29, 2021
Past President Terri Dietrick opened the meeting.  Our speaker was Laura Charles speaking on "Rotary's Role in the Vaccine Efforts".  This video was made by survivors of a vaccine preventable disease (Polio) who is partnering with the Rotary Clubs in PA.  Laura Charles, one of our latest new members, spoke at our meeting regarding the hesitancy to get vaccinations from Polio to Covid 19 and childhood vaccinations. A group of Polio Survivors banded together in Pennsylvania to start a coalition to support all vaccinations. A video was made and played at our meeting and information cards were handed out to give to anyone seeking additional information on the vaccinations. The slogan is “No One Should Suffer From A Vaccine Preventable Disease .”Preparations are being made to hold an informational meeting with local doctors to help provide information to our community and beyond.
New members were inducted into the club to begin their Rotary Journey.  From left to right Sponsor Norm Kelly,  new member Scott Walburn,  Ann Way standing in as Sponsor for Jeanne Brady and new member Dellana Diovisalvo.  The club welcomed
The two new members.