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Highlights for August 5, 2021
Jim Welch gave some happy bucks for the 150th Anniversary of Triton Hose Company. These are the shirts that are currently being sold by the fire company.
Highlights for August 5, 2021 Meeting 2
Jeff Swire spoke to the club on Patriots Cove.  This is a group that helps Veterans  suffering from PSTD.  They provide a safe experience using environmental projects at the cove.  There is an  active fishing stream at the cove and they provide fly fishing. The stream is approx.. 2 miles long,. There are platforms to access the stream.  There are also bunk house for volunteers helping at the cove.   They provide healing and brotherhood for the veterans.  There is 30 acres and adjacent farm land for hunting.   There is also a care giver center for spouses and a 2 story house and activity center.
New Members  August 5
              Three new members were inducted in to the club.   From left to right: David Carichner, Sponsored by Ann Way,  Cathy Franko, also sponsored by Ann Way, Ron Furman giving the induction, Tenny Rupnick sponsored by Harry Sharpe (not in picture) the members of the Methodist Church stood up for Tenny and they are: (Front Row) Ruth Gorski,  Jim Welch, Rick Miller. (Back Row) Norm Werkheiser and Dave Wilson)
August 12, 2021 Speaker
                   Our speaker was Jeff Mitchell speaking on hiking through Wyoming County.  The highest point was 2,700 feet             
                  above sea level.  The pictures he provided were breath taking of hiking during all the seasons of the year.
                  Below are some of his pictures he provided on the power point presentation.
Highlights of August 12, 2021 Photos
August 19,m 2021
Highlights of August 19, 2021 Meeting
                          Our speaker was Dr. Williams who was introduced by Laura Charles who is heading our Vaccine
                           Committee.  Dr. Williams provided information on Covid 19 and on the closing of Tyler Hospital.
                           He provided the following information.  Those individuals that have not received the vaccine for covid
                           4 out of 100 will get Covid and 1.5 percent  of 100 will die.  Covid is 10x more contagious than the flu
                           Those  who have the vaccine 4 out of 10,000 will get a mild case of covid and 1.5% of a million will die.
                            He explained  that the mutations are not like the flu.  Therefore, continual yearly shots may not be
                            needed.    Boosters are a good thing to help with the Delta variant.
                            Regarding the closure of Tyler Hospital in Wyoming, he stated the ER will probably remain open    and labs  and testing will continue                                to take place.  This may prevent other physicians from locating in our area.  Doctors will no longer be able to treat patients when                                        hospitalized, which is a bad thing for the area.
August 26, 2021
Highlights of August 26, 2021 Meeting
                                           Bill Kern from the Countryside Conservancy spoke to the club.   Bill was a 2000 graduate from                                                                                            Tunkhannock Area S.D.   The Countryside Conservancy started in 1994.  The Conservancy has 600  acres and builds
                                           trails through Lackawanna State Park.   It also has 30 Miles of hiking trails.  Including upkeep and extending the                                                                 5.1 milles  of Trolley Trail.  The Conservancy has  900 acres in easements from private land owners.                   
Terri's  Jacket
Terri Dietrick received her  President Jacket for her year of 2020-2021.  Many thanks for her year which was a difficult year to navigate through the pandemic and zoom.  A job well done.
Happy Anniversary
On August 26th 
Our meeting place was decorated with balloons and birthday cake for 96 years.  We sang Happy Anniversary to the happy birthday song.  There were trivia games.  It was a great time had by all.  Remember 100 years is only 4 years away on August 25, 2025.
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