Articles Needed for the Bulletin
Editor Carol Ziomek requests that members consider writing a short article for this section of the Weekly Bulletin.  Several club members have already done so and those articles were very informative in helping everyone know more about themselves, their hobbies or first memories of Rotary.  The article does not have to be long, but Carol needs to receive the article (with or without photos) by 5 PM on a Tuesday for incorporation in Wednesday’s Bulletin.  Please send contributions to or any questions you may have regarding content.
What is the Rotary Leadership Institute of Northeast America? (Taken from RLI website
“The Rotary Leadership Institute is not an official training program of Rotary International.
The Rotary Leadership Institute of Northeast America includes the original area where the International RLI was founded in 1992. It now includes 21 districts in the northeastern part of the USA and Bermuda.
Clubs and districts looking to train Rotarians as leaders at local levels can now access online a wide array of resources developed by the International RLI. The institute offers a training program in three full-day sessions (Part I, II and III), followed by graduate seminars. Faculty are carefully selected from among Rotarians with outstanding leadership abilities, prepared to conduct innovative participatory course sessions. The International RLI is now forming additional Divisions around the world and each Division is listed on the Divisions link.”
The next RLI training is Apr 17 and the cost is $25 for the virtual RLI.  Parts I, II, III and the graduate courses will be offered.  You need to take Part I before you can register for Part II etc.  You can only take one part per day, so full training will take at least 3 separate days of training that may be months apart.
Highlights of Apr 8 Rotary Meeting
Pledge and Invocation:
President Terri Detrick brought the meeting to order at 12:15 PM at Shadowbrook and online via Zoom.  Mike Markovitz led the Pledge of Allegiance; Dave Wilson gave the invocation and Laura Charles led the recitation of the 4-Way Test.
AG Dave Palmer - guest speaker
Robin Cobb – guest speaker via Zoom
Club News:
Pres. Terri announced that it was the 50th Anniversary for Jim Welch in Rotary. 
Jim said when he joined Rotary, they were meeting at the Prince Hotel.  He always enjoyed Rotary and thanked everyone for 50 good years.
Flash Meeting – Pres. Terri Detrick
There will be a Flash hybrid meeting on Thursday Apr 15 at 5:30 PM at Shadowbrook and via Zoom.
Committee Reports
Membership - Mary Tempest & Ron Furman
Ron Furman conducted the installation of 3 new members:  Alison Wetherbee, Dean Detrick and Lorey Durland. Alison and Dean were sponsored by Terri Detrick and Lorey was sponsored by Laura Charles.

L to R:  Lorey Durland, Ron Furman, Laura Charles, Dean Detrick,
Pres. Terri Detrick and Alison Wetherbee on Zoom
Harvest & Wine Festival – Ron Furman/Mike Markovitz
Ron reported that there was a Harvest & Wine Festival Committee meeting on Mon Apr 6.  We need a Finance Committee to determine the numbers of tickets that need to be sold to make our profit goals for the Festival, so that the appropriate space planning can be completed.  Mary Tempest and Carol Ziomek have already volunteered along with Sandy Lane and Ron. Elaine Walker also agree to serve on the Finance Committee.
Ron sent an e-mail to Sandy Lane re spacing for wineries and vendors and how to spread out the crowd.  We may have to decrease the number of non-wine or food vendors, to keep the crowd down.
We will make a final decision in July on whether the Festival will happen. 
Drug Take Back – Frank Oliver & Ruth Gorski
Pres. Terri asked those who signed up to get your drug take back posters from Welch Insurance and put them up.  Terri also had poster with her at the meeting that in person members were able to take for distribution.
District Grant – President-Elect Mary Tempest
PE Mary is still looking for a project since the Eaton Township Roadside rest will not be on for this year. 
COVID-19 Vaccine Volunteers – Ann Way
Pres. Terri announced that Ann Way still needs volunteers for the Apr 14 vaccine clinic.  
Public Relations – Carol Ziomek
The article on the Victims Resource Center and our donation appeared in the Apr 7 Examiner.
Rotary was also mentioned in the Tunkhannock Township article regarding the October Harvest & Wine Festival planning for Lazybrook Park with final decision in July.
RI and District News: 
RI International Convention
The Virtual Rotary International Convention will take place June 12-16.
District 7410 Conference
District 7410 Conference will be on June 12 in Wellsboro.
Nominations for District Awards
Nominations for District 7410 Distinguished Service Award and District 7410 Rotarian of the Year Award are requested.
District 7410 Distinguished Service Award is for any District Rotarian who has exemplified the motto of “Service above Self” through his/her long term involvement (minimum of 15 years) in Rotary and cumulative contributions to Rotary District 7410.
The District Rotarian of the Year Award is for a Rotarian who has shown exceptional Service to our District this past Rotary year by going above and beyond. (Must be a Rotarian for at least 3 years.)
Rotary Leadership Institute
Virtual RLI training will happen on Apr 17. The cost is $25 for the day and will be paid by the club. See RLI NEA | Where people come to learn Rotary! If you are interested in attending, please let Elaine Walker or Pres. Terri know so your registration can be paid for or refunded to you.  Pre-registration is required.
Our next Meeting will be Thursday, Apr 15.  Our guest speaker will be Marcia Loughman who will speak about the Rotary Foundation.
The club recited the 4-Way Test before leaving.
President Terri Detrick adjourned the meeting at 1:30 PM.
Robin Cobb
Real Men Read Program
Robin Cobb from Susquehanna County United Way spoke virtually about their programs. 
In 2014, they did a needs assessment and came back with a variety of needs especially with kids left behind.  There has been an increase in child poverty and an increase in single female parents and grandparent raising grandkids. 
Their Community impact model is helping children do well by providing services such as academic mentorship.  They are also involved with the Dolly Parton Imagination Library.  They have little free library program with 5 units with a good selection of children’s books for families that can’t get to the library.
There is a Nurses Pantry program in all 6 Susquehanna schools providing: personal hygiene products and clothing et for the kids. 
The Real Men Read Program was launched in 2017 at Elk Lake only at first.  The program went well, the kids loved it and it is still running at Elk Lake and other schools now.  They fund this program.
Volunteer readers visit a kindergarten class for 1 hr per month to read to the kids.  They get a copy of the book 2 weeks ahead with prompts to get the kids engaged.  Kids really enjoy the program.  At the end of the program, the mentors and mentor assistants hand out a copy of the book to the students.  At the end of the program, the kids see the importance of reading and each child will have 5 new books that they have taken home. 
Real Men Read has been shown to improve literacy for the students. They want men to do this as role models especially for kids that do not have a male parent, but women are also welcome as readers. 
The Program is only focusing on kindergarten.  Most children are learning to read up to 3rd grade.  There is a correlation of 3rd grade reading level with future performance, so kindergarten is great for early intervention.  Some kids are not going to pre-school, so kindergarten may be their first exposure to reading in school.
This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was a virtual model and done via a video recording of the reader. Then they dropped the books off at the schools for their distribution to the children.
They are now looking forward to the next school year and what format will be required. It is easy for the schools and the kids love the program.
This program does not exist in the Tunkhannock Schools but Pres.Terri will check with the Wyo Cty United Way to see if they would be interest.  The Susquehanna United Way would be willing to share their model with Wyo Cty. 
AG Dave Palmer
AG David provided an update on the outcome of the District 7410 Auction.  There were $28,080 in sales and $2,350 in sponsorships.  $5,230 or 22% of the total proceeds were due to Tunkhannock.  There were 33 auction items from Tunkhannock businesses. 
The final proceeds from the auction came to $26,318; some of the money may go to the Susquehanna County United Way. 
New Milford Rotary asked the Tunkhannock Rotary to take over Rotary Youth programs for the Elk Lake school in Susquehanna County, including the Real Men Read Program described above. Dave as a New Milford Rotarian was a reader in the program, but his Club is supporting too many schools right now. Dave thanked the Tunkhannock Board and the Club for agreeing to take over the Rotary programs at Elk Lake.  He commented that the school would like to have an exchange student when the pandemic allows.
The New Milford Rotary are also trying to get the Forest City Club to sponsor the Forest City School.