Important information has now been revealed on President Terri’s missing gavel. It appears that the very evil Wicked Witch of the West flew down while invisible and gavel-napped Terri’s “precious” at the end of the July 30th Rotary meeting.  
The poor gavel was stunned by a witch’s spell, so it could not cry out for help at the time. Gavel is now hoping we will “help” to rescue it from the evil clutches of the Wicked Witch before she uses it for kindling for her cauldron fires.
Anonymous sources have said that this gavel-napping is in retaliation for Terri wearing a comical inflatable witch’s hat for Halloween 2019, when she is not really a witch, a witch-in-training or even a soccer’s apprentice.  The Wicked Witch was not amused!
A threatening ransom note has just been received with the demands for the return of the gavel (below).