Prior to Tunkhannock Rotary's 95th Anniversary on Aug 25, club members gathered at Stonehedge Country Club to celebrate the incredible history of the Club. The Club was chartered on Aug 25, 1925 by Rotary International after having been sponsored by the Rotary Club of Pittston.
Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, the celebration was held with masks and social distancing and was attended in person and via Zoom by club members. Current President Terri Detrick presided over the proceedings, which included party hats, balloons, celebratory cupcakes and an obligatory group photo. Note that Pres. Terri is holding the Club Computer showing the Zoom participants, although I defy anyone to be able to see who actually was on Zoom at that time, but in this new technological and COVID age, such hybrid photos/meetings may become the norm.