The guest speaker at the June 13 Tunkhannock Rotary Luncheon at Purkey's Pink Apple was Tim Kerestes, Clinical Director of the Tunkhannock Pivot Physical Therapy facility. Tim talked about the number one ambulance callout being for falls, so falls and their prevention were the topic for his presentation.  He discussed the various reasons that cause people to fall, including, loss of strength and/or balance with aging, tripping over throw rugs, electrical cords, pets or toys, some medications that make one unstable and medical issues that can cause dizziness, vertigo, orthostatic intolerance and high or low blood pressure to name a few.
Tim then talked about how to prevent falls by removal or containment of objects, clutter or throw rugs on the floor or clutter in your yard. Use proper footwear for the terrain and consult with your pharmacist about possible interactions that impact your stability. Exercise and/or PT can help to build strength and/or balance. 
Pivot provides a free vestibular rehabilitation evaluation to test if you have any balance or dizziness issues.  Tim completed a Vestibular Rehabilitation course in Maryland recently and is now Certified by the American Institute of Balance. In addition to free consultations, Pivot also provides direct access therapy, including follow-up exercises at home, for several conditions that may not require a doctor’s referral. 

Tim Kerestes