Rotarian Rod Azar and guest Robert Brown spoke at the Sept 13 Rotary Luncheon about the Tunkhannock Tiger Fund. Rod and Bob are both on the Advisory Council for the Tiger Fund, which was set up in 2017 to raise private monies to bridge the gap between the school district’s budget resources and the needs of the students. Extracurricular, co-curricular and STEM-related activities are areas the fund is designed to support. 
The Tiger Fund provides donors with the ability to earmark money for a specific purpose or leave money in general to the Fund so that moneys can be used in the best interests of the kids guided by the Advisory Council. 
The Tiger Fund raises money thru banner sponsorships, which cost $500 for the first year and $300 for renewal. They can sell a bunch more for other sports fields.  EITC tax credits, Talents & Treasurers of Tunkhannock Gala, Wills & Estates, Corporate donations, private donations are all ways that businesses and individuals can help.

Robert Brown (left) and Rotarian Rod Azar