At the June 20th Officer Installation and Awards Banquet at Shadowbrook Inn and Resort, several Club-designated and Member-designated Paul Harris Fellows were presented, along with 2 multiple Paul Harris pins.
Individual Rotarians or clubs can designate a Paul Harris Fellow to recognize another person whose life demonstrates a shared purpose with the objectives and mission of The Rotary Foundation to build world understanding and peace. President Mike began this portion of the program with the presentation of a Club Designated Paul Harris Fellow to non-Rotarian Kevin Kitchnefsky. As the result of a work accident, Kevin was paralyzed from the chest down and has dedicated his life to the hope of walking again and started a Foundation for Spinal Cord Research that has collected over a half-million dollars for spinal cord research and projects to give others that hope as well.
Pres. Mike then presented a Club-designated Paul Harris Fellow to Rotarian Mary Tempest for her very active service and great ambassadorship as a Tunkhannock Rotarian.
Rotarian Carol Ziomek presented a Member-designated Paul Harris Fellow to Rotarian and friend, Terri Detrick for so fully embracing the true meaning of “Service Above Self” since joining Tunkhannock Rotary.
Rotarian George Gay presented a Member-designated Paul Harris Fellow to his wife, Dorothy Gay.
Rotarian Albert Noble then presented Member designated Paul Harris Fellows to Passport Club Rotarians Sophia Maruzzelli and Zachary Snyder.
Club Rotary Foundation Chair Albert finished this section of the program by presenting 2 multiple Paul Harris pins to Rotarians Samantha Maruzzelli (PHF +4) and Ron Furman (PHF +2) to recognize their continuing contributions to the Rotary Foundation.

L to R: a) Kevin Kitchnefsky with Pres. Mike, b) Mary Tempest with Pres. Mike, c) Terri Detrick, Pres. Mike & Carol Ziomek, d) Dorothy Gay, George Gay & Pres Mike, e) Zachary Taylor, Sophia Maruzzelli & Al Noble and f) Ron Furman, Samantha Maruzzelli & Al Noble.