At the Feb 22 Rotary Luncheon at Purkey's Pink Apple, Assistant Governor Norm Kelly talked about his Rotary Moment.  Norm’s moment starts back in 1952 in his stepdad’s Oldsmobile, which broke down on their way to buy groceries. He sold it for $28 to the local garage and borrowed a vehicle to get home with the groceries. On the way home, they passed a house that had burnt down and the people lost everything. Although Norm’s family did not have much, Norm’s stepdad gave them the $28 plus all the food that they had just bought. That has stuck with him to this day that “you have to give back and be part of the community” no matter how much or little that you have.
In his corporate life, he made sure that charitable donations were important in those companies and benefited the communities they served. He commented although it was very nice to receive recognition, “You don’t give to expect a pat on the back or recognition”.
In 2011, they decided to move and retire here. He wanted to join Rotary at the Library fundraiser in 2012; Marta was serving wine and he asked her about Rotary. Five minutes later, Fran Turner and George Gay came over to talk with him and Fran sponsored him for Rotary.  He loves this club especially since it helps both the community and internationally.

Norm Kelly talking about his Rotary Moment