At the Apr 25 Rotary meeting, Rotarian Cammie Anderson, who is the drug and alcohol counselor at the Tunkhannock Area Schools spoke about the opioid issues in our area and the need for households to have Narcan available to treat opioid emergencies that they may encounter. This may include minors who ingest pills purchased online that are contaminated with fentanyl or senior citizens who accidentally forget they already took their pills and take more leading to an overdose.
On Sunday May 19, Tunkhannock Rotarians will take part in the Wyoming County District Attorney’s free Narcan Drive-Thru Event at Lazybrook Park in Tunkhannock from 10 AM to 2 PM.  District Attorney Joseph Peters is a Tunkhannock Rotarian and Rotary has been orchestrating some of the community outreach and advertising for this event.  Several local government and community organizations are also involved in this important initiative, which it is hoped will help save lives.