Mike Markovitz was an eagle scout and he collected clothes and toys for kids of migrant workers. It was seeing the look of happiness on the face of one of the kids with her toy that made him realize how good it felt to give to others.
Harry Sharpe got him to join Rotary 4 yr ago. Mike’s favorite project is Candy Cane Day, a program he has now chaired for several years. In 2017, a record amount of money was collected to buy toys for deserving, but economically disadvantaged children and foster kids in Wyoming County.
His most memorable moment was receiving his club-designated Paul Harris Fellow recognition.

Mike Markovitz
Don Davis was at George Brick’s funeral when Harry Sharpe urged him to join Rotary, although he really wanted a year off since he had finished teaching and coaching.
His Rotary moment was working outside at Lazybrook unloading hay bales for the Festival. Norm commented “I thought we were in trouble when I saw your name on the list of workers”, since he thought Don would not do any work.  Then after they unloaded the hay bales, Norm told him he now realized that Don was a very hard worker and was glad he helped out.

Don Davis