Louis Marcho
Wall That Heals Update
Louis played an updated video about the Wall that Heals.
They have been off the road since Spring 2020.  They have updated and changed items in their tractor trailer and have added new people to their database.  Therefore, it has been enhanced.
How the wall will happen with COVID.  There will be plenty of signs.  All volunteers are required to wear a facemask.  Masks will also be recommended if visiting the wall. They have implemented new cleaning procedures for the wall at the end of each day to clean and sterilize the wall after people have touched it.  They will follow whatever guidelines that the state has recommended for group events held outside.  They can safely handle 500 people with spacing now, if our state does not have a different specific number.
Educational tours are shortened to 45 min timewise and there will be more of them with fewer people per tour.
Schools want to bring their students, but school may not allow fieldtrips. So, it will be okay for our Tunkhannock schools since the students can walk to the stadium, but other schools have to deal with this appropriately.
The Wall That Heals will be available from May 13-16 (Thurs thru Sun).  It will arrive May 11 on a Tuesday, starting in Clark Summit and arriving at the Triton where there will be a community greeting.  On Wed morning, the wall will be assembled with help from the wrestling and football teams.  The hardest part is having able bodies to do the heavy lifting and who can work with facemasks on.  They will have construction gloves to be worn by people constructing the wall.
They will provide a 10x10 tent near the entrance to the football field for brochures about the wall and 1-2 volunteers sitting there to give general help. 3-4 of their staff will also be here to help.  They will use an iPad to find a name on the wall, so that should help the people flow.
They now have found all the deceased soldiers from PA for the slide show.  They have used the down time to enhance the wall and the total experience.
There will be 3 other sites before it comes here. Apr 8 -11 will be the first site since last year.
If you signed up to be a volunteer, Louis will send out an e-mail to see if you still want to volunteer and re-sign up closer to the date.  It is an outdoor event.  They are hoping that the snow and mud are gone by then. 
They do not need any more donations.  The Wall is paid for and they have plenty of funds to make this happen.  They will not do t-shirts again but do have some dated ones left from last year.  They do have hats available, which have no dates on them.  They will purchase disposable facemasks for use at the Wall.  Maybe they will have some Wall facemasks made for the volunteers.

The Photo above and the information below have been
taken from:
“The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (VVMF) is pleased to announce that Pennsylvania has found every photo for their Vietnam fallen. There are 3,150 service members from Pennsylvania listed on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and now every one of them has a photo displayed on the Wall of Faces.”
According to the database at THE WALL OF FACES - Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (, there were 5 fallen service members from Wyoming County: Jerald Lavern Baker (Laceyville), Frank Monroe Brown, Jr. (Tunkhannock), Jody Allen Cron (Nicholson), Lindy Roland Hall (Tunkhannock) and Robert Lee Shoemaker (Mehoopany).