The speaker at our Feb 25 Rotary Zoom Meeting was Rotarian Louis Marcho, who provided an update on the rescheduled visit of the Wall That Heals, a replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.  
The Wall That Heals will be available from May 13-16 (Thurs thru Sun).  It will arrive on Tuesday May 11, starting in Clark Summit and arriving at the Triton, where there will be a community greeting.  On Wed morning, the Wall will be assembled with help from the wrestling and football teams.  
There will be a 10x10 tent near the entrance to the football field for brochures about the Wall and 1-2 volunteers sitting there to give general help. They will use an iPad to find a name on the Wall, so that should help the people flow. 
They now have found all the deceased soldiers from PA for the slide show.  They have used the down time due to the COVID-19 pandemic to enhance the Wall and the total experience.