At the May 21 Rotary Zoom Meeting, Kara Golden was our guest speaker who talked about Stress Management During the Covid-19 Pandemic. Kara is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, who offers Counseling & Consulting Services in Tunkhannock. She indicated that with the stay at home orders and pandemic, stress can be very high. She advocated that everyone should take good care of yourself, improve your own health, do something small each day to take care of ourselves and lead a more balanced life. 
Kara outlined quick steps to care for yourself. – care for your whole body, eat healthy, exercise, get good quality of sleep, connect with others such as our group.  Take breaks and unwind, do things you really enjoy doing. Stay informed using reliable sources, but limit excessive exposure to media. If needed, ask for help from a minister, counselor or doctor.
She advocated that everyone develop an attitude of gratitude, journal, have a positive partner, have boundaries (say no), schedule your downtime, pray or meditate, go out into nature, listen to music, keep your sense of humor and practice good hygiene.  You can also do 10 finger grateful meditation (10 specific things you are grateful for) and mindful breathing to help you deal with the stress.

Participants in May 21 Zoom Rotary Meeting