Jeff Swire, Sergeant first class Army retired, spoke at the Aug 30 Tunkhannock Rotary Meeting at Purkey's Pink Apple.  Jeff spoke about Patriot's Cove in Noxen, which has been established as a place of healing for our Veterans and First Responders severely injured in the line of duty. They also provide a place for support and healing for their Caregivers. They are helping healing of the injured by fostering productive communication, a re-connection to nature and the tranquility and challenge of trout fishing. 
Patriot's Cove is situated on 18 acres of Land in Noxen, PA with Beaver Run waterway running through it.  They built a brook trout habitat in 4 days utilizing 15 volunteers for 3/4 miles of their stream.  In 3 days with help from 12 Misericordia freshmen, they just planted an orchard of mature fruit trees and berry bushes with 30 trees. The money for the orchard was raised and donated by a Bible camp ($1,200). Their attendees will be able to fish and forage next year.

Jeff Swire