Editor’s Note:  I want to thank Ron Furman for being the first of our Rotarians to contribute a piece to the Weekly Bulletin.
As many of you know, Ron was our Club President 2015-2016. One of his hobbies is to annually make maple syrup that he brings for the club to enjoy over one of our lunch desserts.  Ron has also invited our inbound exchange students to his sugar shack to demonstrate how maple syrup is made and has presented similar information to students in a Rotary sponsored Peace Camp. 

Ron Furman with a jar of maple syrup
Tap for Sap by Ron Furman
We usually tap the maple trees around President’s Day Weekend. Perfect conditions are in the 40’s during the day and mid 20’s during the night. The rising temperature creates pressure in the tree which generates the flow of sap. Generally, the sap flows for 4 – 6 weeks.
A maple tree must be at least 12” in diameter to tap. Tree’s 12-20” – 1 tap, 21-27” -  2 taps and greater than 27” - 3 taps. Sugar maple has the highest sugar content followed by black, red and silver maple. We drill a hole 1 ½ to 2” deep depending on style of taps. When the tree’s start to bud out, it is time to pull the taps. The sap becomes bitter and milky looking.
Now that the trees are tapped the hard/fun work begins. It usually takes 40 gals of sap to make 1 gal of syrup. It all depends on the sugar content. We actually had a ratio of 70 to 1 in 2017 due to the weather being too warm early. We still do the old way with a wood fire and a stainless-steel pan (2’ wide x 4’ long x 6” deep). Depending on how much sap, it could take all day to boil. You boil the sap until it starts to get thick. A good method to tell if it is done is to take a spoon of syrup. The syrup will stick to the spoon and apron as it runs off. We run the warm syrup through cheesecloth to filter, then put in mason jars. Once you open a jar, you need to refrigerate it.
Sap is also good to drink like water. It should be boiled to kill bacteria, then chilled before drinking. When making maple syrup, you do not add anything. It is just pure sap from the tree. Maple syrup is good on a lot of various foods. Ice cream is my favorite, brussel sprouts, carrots, in tea or coffee, pancakes, salad dressings and whatever else you want to sweeten.
The best part of making maple syrup is having family and friends together. The grandchildren love helping. We are the 3rd generation in the Furman Family to continue this tradition.
An Interesting Fact
From 1-20-21 to 1-29-21, we will have 10 consecutive palindrome dates.  Palindromes are dates that can be read the same either forward or backward.
Later this year, will be even more palindrome dates -- beginning with 12/1/21 and going until 12/9/21.
District 7410 Stay-at-Home Online Auction
Please remember to support the Rotary Foundation through the District 7410 Stay-at-Home Online Auction.  Follow the link below for more information.

Highlights of Jan 14 Rotary Zoom Meeting
Pledge and Invocation:
President Terri Detrick brought the meeting to order at 12:15 PM online via Zoom.  George Gay led the Pledge of Allegiance, Jon Buxton provided the Meeting Invocation and Ann Way led the first recitation of the 4-Way Test.
Donna Fetzko - guest speaker
Club News:
Board of Director’s Meeting: Pres. Terri Detrick
There will be a Board of Directors meeting on Tuesday, Jan 19 at 7:30 AM via Zoom.  It will be a new Zoom Link, so watch out for it.
New Zoom Link for Each Club Meeting: Pres. Terri Detrick
Make sure you note and use the Zoom link from the current weekly announcement, it is not the same each week anymore.
Committee Reports
Multiple Paul Harris Fellow – Pres Terri Detrick and Foundation Chair Samantha Maruzzelli
Samantha explained that for each $1,000 donation to the Rotary Foundation, you get 1,000 points (you can also be gifted 1,000 points by others also) and for each 1,000, you get a new Paul Harris pin with differing numbers of sapphires or rubies on the pin.
Pres. Terri showed the Paul Harris +4 pin that she has received to be awarded to George Gay, which represents $5,000 of cumulative donations to the Rotary Foundation.
Global Grant Committee - Norm Kelly
The International Committee will stay on Zoom to meet after the lunchtime meeting today.
Membership - Mary Tempest & Ron Furman
Membership Chair Mary Tempest introduced our newest Club member Jon Ebersole, who told us a little about himself. 
Jon transferred to our club from the Rotary Club of Elizabethtown, PA in Dec. 2020. He recently moved in Nov. with his wife and children outside Tunkhannock to be closer to his extended family.  He offers Medicare Consulting Services; he works from home.  Several members know his wife who is from our area.
Public Relations – Carol Ziomek
The Thank You Essential Workers Campaign has begun with a rollout of the newspaper ad on 1/13 and the digital postings on both of our Facebook pages, our Website and Instagram.
Carol thanked the PR committee members Glenn Holcombe, Samantha Maruzzelli and Gina Suydam for all their hard work on this effort, along with Mary Tempest and Pres. Terri Detrick who have been integral in this Campaign.
Thank you also to Ann Way, Mary Tempest, Carol, Elaine Walker and Norm Kelly for monetary donations that covered the cost of the 1/13 newspaper ad.
A special thanks to Glenn Holcombe who had to restructure the Thank You graphic for each of the different digital and print media.  He is also printing the posters at his own expense.
Mary has provided the Dietrich with a Thank You slide, Sam, Mary & Terri have taken the responsibility for the orchestration of the distribution and display of the road signs being produced by Aaron Werkheiser and the posters being printed by Glenn.  If you can help with the distribution and posting of the road signs and posters please let Sam, Mary or Terri know.
Gina has helped with getting the ad on the Ace Robbins Digital Billboard, where it is already display, and with selecting the billboard for the print version near Sam’s office, so we will have billboards at both ends of town.
If you have a Facebook page, please share the graphic on your personal Facebook to spread the word on how thankful we all are for the Essential Workers during this pandemic.
Harvest & Wine Festival – Ron Furman/Mike Markovitz
The first planning meeting for the Oct 9 Rotary Harvest & Wine Festival will be Zoomed on Mon Feb 1 at 6 PM for any interested in helping beyond the normal committee members.
Ron has asked Eyewitness News’ Nick Toma if he will be our MC again this year.
RI and District News: 
District 7410 Stay-at-Home Auction – Samantha Maruzzelli & Norm Kelly
Sam indicated they are still working on the District 7410 Stay-at-Home Auction donations.  Let Sam or Norm know if you want to donate an item/service/discount coupon to the auction.
Our next Meeting will be Thursday, Jan 21.  Our guest speaker will be Cathy Franko from HANDS, who will provide an update. There will also be a check presentation for HANDS.
Pres. Terri asked members to recite the final 4-Way Test privately as they go off to continue the rest of their day bearing its tenets in mind.
President Terri Detrick adjourned the meeting at 1:05 PM.
Donna Fetzko
Exercise, Health and Wellness
Donna Fetzko teaches exercise classes, including chair yoga at Dietrich and other senior classes at the Senior Center and the Tunkhannock Public Library.
Over the years, Rotary has helped fund the chair yoga.  Chair yoga was so successful it went to 2 times per week and is now on Zoom twice a week.  The Zoom sessions are nice because now she does not have to have limits on the number of people attending at the Dietrich or limiting them to 1 class per week and people can take part in both classes via Zoom. She has 33 people on average 2x per week.
She also teaches functional fitness classes to help people maintain strength and flexibility.  
Her newest class is a functional fitness circuit class to maintain cardio fitness, since people are not doing much outside during the pandemic in the winter.  Circuit exercises are done with no rest between moves and exercises.  They help maintain cardio and mental fitness.  The classes are adjusted for the age group and can be done seated or standing, with no exercises requiring that you get down on the floor.
So, all together, she has 1 class 5 days per week and sees some people on all 5 days. All her classes are via Zoom right now.
If you are interested in chair yoga, call the Dietrich Theater to register for Mon &/or Fri at 10 AM. As long as people are in their 60s, the Dept of Aging will pay for it, so it is free to the public.  But others can also attend.
The Functional Fitness class is through the Tunkhannock Public Library on Tues & Thurs at 9 AM.
Functional Fitness Circuit class is help on Mon & Wed at 1:30 PM. If you care interested in this class, you can contact Donna directly at donna.fetzko@gmail.com.
After her presentation, Donna led the members through a functional fitness circuit routine.

Donna Fetzko