Highlights of Rotary Meeting
Pledge and Invocation:
President Terri Detrick brought the meeting to order at 12:15 PM at Shadowbrook Inn & Resort and online via Zoom.  George Gay led the Pledge of Allegiance, Dave Wilson gave the invocation and Norm Kelly led the recitation of the 4-Way Test.
Kayla Guilford - guest speaker
Ted Carpinetti – Al Noble’s uncle from Gilroy, CA who is now 104 years & 8 months old.  Ted was awarded a Paul Harris Fellow by Al several years ago for his 100 birthday.
Club News:
Terri’s Gavel
Terri announced that at Tuesday’s Board meeting, her trusty gavel was once more gavel-napped right from under her gaze.  A collection will be taken up at the Year End Celebration to ransom back her gavel before she leaves office as President.
Flash Meeting
There will be a May 20th Hybrid Flash Meeting tonight at 5:30 PM at Shadowbrook with a Zoom option.
Goodies for Our Troop Service Project 
The Rotary Project to be executed at the June 12 District Conference is the packing of care packages for service members on "the list" to receive them. 
Anyone can be added to the list, so if any Rotarian wants to add someone, they are able to do so!
Mary Tempest will be transporting the donated items to deliver to District Conference on June 12.  Please bring you donated items to the next few Club meetings for this project.  You can also donate cash to help with the mailing costs for this project.
Year End Celebration and Officer Installation – from Francine Kanyok
The Year End Celebration and Officer Installation will be Sunday June 27 in the late afternoon (3-4 pm start), outside of the Moose in the Pavilion.
Thank You Cards Received
Thank you cards for our donations were received from: Northern Tier Symphony for sponsorship for their Concert, Triton Hose, Class of 2021 lock-in and from Equines for Freedom.
Committee Reports
Membership - Mary Tempest & Ron Furman
4 new members approved by Board pending club review: Kenda Peck, Leslie Bullock, Jeff and Jill Tague.
District New Rotarian Virtual Orientation Session.
The District Membership Committee, DGE Mary Ellen Bentler and PDG Karen DeMatteo have been working on a fun, short and sweet orientation for new members in the District.  It will be debuted on June 1st in a virtual format.  All club members should have received the Zoom link to this event.  If not, then please contact Club Membership Chair Mary Tempest who will forward the link to you.
Regarding the Rotary Citation - who is eligible for a Rotary Citation? A Club, Interact Club, Rotaract Club or any committee. 
July 3rd Fireworks – Mike Markovitz & Samantha Maruzzelli
There will be a Zoom July 3 Fireworks Planning meeting on Monday May 24 at 6 PM. Mike sent the Zoom link to all members as we need a lot of volunteers for this event.
Mike was not successful with getting more money from local businesses in Eaton Township since they are putting their money to refurbishment of the Roadside Rest.
Mike reported that Sam indicated that the insurance for the fireworks was taken care of.
Spring Roadside Cleanup – Mike Markovitz
The Board decided to cancel the Spring Roadside Cleanup until the Fall.
District Grant – Mary Tempest
President Elect Mary Tempest submitted a District Grant application for 2021-2022. The project is to help CHOP with supplies, heavy duty utility carts, storage bags and food.  Rotarians can volunteer to help pack food.  In Wyoming County, they are currently feeding 830 children and want to increase to 1,000 children. This is double what they did before the pandemic. The total grant will be $6,000 with $1,000 from the Club and $5,000 from the district.
Scholarship Committee
On Senior Night Tues June 8, Don Davis will give out the 2 scholarship from the Club to 2 TAHS seniors.
Rotary Foundation – Samantha Maruzzelli
Please make your annual donation before the end of June, but the sooner the better.  Sam can help you if needed.
RI and District News: 
District 7410 Conference
The concert “Like a Hurricane”, a Neil Young tribute concert, will happen on Friday, Jun 11, 2021 in Wellsboro, the night before the District 7410 Conference, which will take place in Wellsboro on Jun 12, 2021.  Please register and if you plan to stay overnight, make your room reservations as rooms are filling up.
RI Virtual Convention
RI Virtual Convention will take place from Jun 12, 2021 – Jun 16, 2021.  Registration is required for this virtual convention. 
District Questionaire:
A Golf questionnaire was addressed with the Club so Terri could send the responses to the District.
Treasurer Report: Elaine Walker
We are rapidly approaching the end of the Rotary year (June 30) and the receipt of the bill from RI and District for Dues for everyone on our membership rolls on July 1.  As was done last year, we are asking everyone to please pay for the July 1 2021-June 30 2022 Rotary year by June 15 at the reduced annual dues of $150. If you pay after June 15, the annual dues are $160.  Please make out check to Tunkhannock Rotary and give to Elaine Walker or mail to her at: 102 Shadowbrook Drive, Tunkhannock, PA 18657.
Note! If you pay online by credit card, it will go through for $160.
New members who joined after Mar 1, 2021 will not be charged any annual dues until June 2022, since Rotary District 7410 will pay both RI and District dues for you.
Our next Meeting will be Thursday, May 27.  Our guests will be TAHS Chorus, who will entertain us via a Zoom Concert.
President Terri Detrick adjourned the meeting at 1:17 PM.
Kayla Guilford
Lackawanna College, Tunkhannock Site
Kayla is the Center Director for the Tunkhannock site of Lackawanna College located at the old Thomas’ Supermarket.  She is from the  Pittsburgh area but her husband is from Tunkhannock. The live in a house in Factoryville on the Tunkhannock line.
Lackawanna College was formed in 1894, in 1902 added a Business College. In 1957 it became a Junior College and then became just Lackawanna College.
They have a Level Up Program which had its first 20 graduates last year.  High performance students can obtain their full Associate degree while still in high school.
Although the main campus is in Scranton, they have centers in various locations including now in Tunkhannock.
They are closing the New Milford School of Petroleum & Natural Gas (PNG) and now moving them to Tunkhannock, which is closer to the gas industry. An additional factor was that the TAHS was projected to be trending up with their graduates for the next 10 years.
The PNG program is 12 years old and students have been enrolled by word of mouth from friends and family.  It is recognized by the natural gas industry in the area.  Associate degree students need to take internships with companies and many times are offered full time employment with the same company. 
In Tunkhannock, there will also be traditional degrees in 4 subjects with all 4 years completed in Tunkhannock.
They are now working with Trehab Community Resource Center of Wyoming County to find out what the local Community needs.  CDL licenses and LPN degrees would be useful in our area.  They are looking to add more degrees to their curriculum.
Right now there is room for 100 students in Tunkhannock, with 30 students moving from New Milford, but they have more space to expand when necessary.