Tunkhannock Rotary had the pleasure of hearing from our Polish Exchange Student Andrzej Swietek at the Jun 6 lunchtime meeting at the Tunkhannock Public Library.
Andrzej created his own Website, which he used to document some of his experiences in Tunkhannock and the US. His website incorporates both English and Polish languages. He discussed his time in the states and his most significant moments from his exchange. Photos on his website include, the trips he had to Philly, NYC, Delaware and Boston including his dream University, MIT.
He also discussed and shared photos from his time with the TASD Robotics Club, wrestling, the different seasons in NEPA, visiting the Festival of Lights at Stone Hedge, American Food, and celebrating Christmas.
Rotarians were happy to learn more about his culture and time in America and wish him the very best in the future! To view more photos and read more about Andrzej’s exchange, visit his website at - www.swietek.pl

Andrzej Swietek