Erica Rogler of the Dietrich Theater was the guest speaker at the July 30 Rotary Luncheon at Shadowbrook Inn & Resort.  Erica began her talk by thanking the Rotary for their Spring donation to the Dietrich Theater which helped to fund some of the children's programs and Chair Yoga. 
After the mandated closing on March 17, staff and teachers made movie recommendations, curated a home movie experience and activities including chair yoga. They did curbside popcorn on Fridays when Wyoming County went green. They have been resuming some classes such as Yoga in the park and a few small classes for 6 children.
Currently, the theaters can only hold 12-25 people each, masks required when moving around but can take off masks when eating/drinking in seats.  Since no new releases, they are doing some classics and popular films and the staff have been dressing up in costumes to suit each film. First release movie will be Aug 21, Unhinged with Russell Crowe, and second new movie release in early Sept.
Aug 7-13, they will have a mini-fest starting up.  She suggests you purchase your movie tickets in advance, so you will not be turned away on the day.
The Week of Aug 7, you can rent a theater for $200 to watch a Blu-Ray or DVD movie with up to 15 attendees (one they have or bring your own movie).

Erica Rogler