The guest speaker at the Mar 14 Rotary Luncheon was Dr. Christopher Andres, who spoke about the Medical Mission to Haiti. The Haiti MAC Medical Mission Program has been ongoing for 18 years from the University of Scranton.  45 students have gone on these missions and treated thousands of patients. 
They are going to Haiti to serve (not help) individuals.  The 4 doctors cover all aspects of medicine.  They also take 4 students with them on each trip (2-3 are 4th year and 1-2 are 3rd year and go next year also).
They just got back from their most recent trip and are now planning for next Jan. trip. They are looking for sources of supplies for the next trip. Right now, they are focusing on medications, since they are hard to get in the country. 
There is very rich cultural diversity in Haiti along with strong faith.  However, there are people who are very impoverished, and they go to some of the worst areas to provide medical and dental services to these individuals. Care is brought to many where limited or no medical/dental care is available, such as in the mountains, where there is no running water.
Dr. Christopher Andres